What's new in the Delaware County Query Builder Version 2.0

No more waiting on e-mail. Version 2.0 of the Query Builder creates your request "on the fly" and then serves the file to you. Please note that for more involved requests it can take a few minutes for the request to complete. Do not close your browser window while the request is compiling.

Query by Subdivision. You can now select a specific subdivision for your query. Just select "A Specific Subdivision" on the first screen of the query builder, then type in a search term.

The query builder will search a list of known subdivisions and return a user selectable list from which you can choose as many or as few as you would like.

Output to MS Excel, Preformatted Labels, or Text. You can now choose how you would like your information. Choose from Microsoft's Excel spreadsheet format, Rich Text Format Address Labels (5160, 3 across labels) or delimited text (semi-colon delimiter).