What is the Delaware County Query Builder?

A brief overview:  The Delaware County Auditor's Office is responsible for tracking information on every parcel of land in the County. That includes:

The Query Builder is our way of making that information available to the public. We have strived to set up the Query Builder in an easy to follow, question and answer format that will help you get the information you want.

Basic layout:  The Query Builder starts with the geographic area in which you are interested:

It then asks a series of questions designed to narrow down the list of parcels to those that contain information in which you are interested.

Finally, it asks for the format you would prefer and the type of information you would like returned.

Your criteria are then passed to our server and your query is processed. A file matching your specifications is returned right to your web browser.

What software do I need?  The Delaware County Query Builder has been tested in the following web browsers:

It should work correctly in any web browser that supports Javascript

If you choose to have your data returned as Microsoft Excel documents, Excel needs to be installed on your PC. Excel documents have been tested in Excel 2000, Excel 2002 (Office XP), and Excel 2004 (Office 2004 for Mac).

5160 format Labels should work in any word processor that supports Rich Text Format. They have only been tested in Microsoft Word 2000, 2002 (XP) and 2004 (for Mac).

Delimited Text files can be opened in any text editor, word processor or spreadsheet program on any OS platform. They are semi-colon delimited.